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About ABC Foodsafe



  • Foodsafe 1

  • Foodsafe 2 (In development)

  • Food Safety Planning

  • Menu and Nutrition Consulting

  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Safety (In development)

Our Story


We're passionate about food and making sure we do it safely.  Based on our experience in the food service industry we've learned that there are two rules; Presentation is everything and cleanliness is the key to healthy living.


We have many years of experience working with food from catering, direct service, to preparing food for people in care facilities.   It's our goal to assist those just starting or recertifying in the food service industry, to work successfully!




Our Customers


  • Child Care Workers or Operators to ensure the safety of children they are caring for

  • Home Support Workers support elders who have high care needs

  • Volunteers who handle food need to have training.

  • Home-makers who serve their families meals in their homes where a large percentage of food poisoning occurs

  • Food Establishment Owners to protect their patrons and themselves against liability

  • High School Students for credit at school

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