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Requirements for Class Sizes • Classrooms must adequately accommodate physical distancing requirements of 2 metres between participants, including during break times. To ensure 2 metres distancing, masking tape or another marker can be used by an instructor to show adequate distance between all people in the room. • Class size must be limited to accommodate the 2-metre physical distancing requirement and therefore will be dependent on classroom size. • Class size must not exceed the limit for the type of class being taught, i.e. 25 students for FOODSAFE Level 1 and MarketSafe and 20 students for FOODSAFE Level 2. Requirements for Health and Hygiene • Equipment, desks, chairs and anything else that comes into contact with participants, the instructor or anyone else in the room must be cleaned and disinfected before and after each class. • Alcohol based hand sanitizer must be available for use near the entrance/exit of the classroom. • All people in the room must use the hand sanitizer each time they enter the room. • All participants must be pre-screened, to the best of the instructor’s ability, so that participants who show symptoms of illness do not participate in the course. Participants who show symptoms of illness must be provided the option to reschedule or receive a full refund. According to the BC Centre for Disease Control, COVID-19 and other respiratory illness symptoms can include: o Fever o Chills o Cough o Shortness of breath o Sore throat and painful swallowing o Stuffy or runny nose o Loss of sense of smell o Headache o Muscle aches o Fatigue o Loss of appetite • A sign must be posted on the entrance to the classroom reminding participants that they must not participate in the course if they feel ill or show symptoms of an illness. • Participants must sign a self-declaration that they are not sick and do not have symptoms. This could be achieved by adding an extra column to the class attendance list. • Instructors must review exams in a way that meets the needs of the instructor and participants, while adhering to health and hygiene requirements. This may include the development and use of individual feedback sheets (including the name and grade of the participant, name and contact information of the instructor and information on when a participant can retake the exam, if needed) and the use of face masks if a 2-metre distance cannot be achieved to provide feedback. Requirement for COVID-19 Safety Plans • Similar to the PHO Order on workplace COVID-19 safety plans, instructors and course providers must develop and post a copy of their COVID-19 safety plan on their website, if they have a website, and in the classroom so that it is readily available for review by other persons who may attend at the workplace (e.g., the participants and inspectors). The COVID-19 safety plan must be provided to a health officer or a WorkSafeBC officer, on request. The COVID-19 safety plan template found in the following weblink can be adapted for instructors and course providers: Requirements for Course Delivery • From this point forward, as originally intended, all FOODSAFE classes must be posted in the FOODSAFE instructor portal which lists all course offerings (open or closed enrolment) in the Province. • As originally intended, public offerings must be posted on the FOODSAFE website before the class date. The posting must include the date, time and location of the course (including room number), classroom size, cost, the name of the certified FOODSAFE instructor teaching the course and the maximum class size. This information must be posted. • As originally intended, all course cancellations must be registered in the FOODSAFE instructor portal. • Please continue to practice fair competition. If you do not have a confirmed location for a class, the class must not be posted. If you need additional addresses added to the Instructor portal, please e-mail the complete address, including room number and postal code, to for addition. • Participants must pre-register for a course. No last-minute walks-in are to be accepted. • The course must meet or exceed the minimum delivery time. • All information regarding cancellations and reimbursements must clearly be indicated either in the portal or on your personal program website. If you need your training provider description in the Instructor portal updated, please e-mail

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